Vital Education Testimonials

"It's easy to get caught up in the norm of the every-day running of a school, missing the opportunities for expanding awareness. The coaching process explores expanding one's awareness, encouraging one to look beyond the happenings of the present, leveraging transformational capacity."

Sherry Gile, Director of Professional Programs

"We have the capacity to enhance the quality of life for our teachers and our students - and ultimately the power of their learning - if we choose to offer this arena of learning. Personal and professional growth, and resiliency go hand-in-hand; coaching builds mutual respect and a sense of choices."

Mary Lynn Riggs, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Franklin West Supervisory Union

"Being a coach educator teaches us to listen to the voice and concerns of others, and not jump in and solve their problems or tell them what to do. This coaching model will support teacher leaders and administrators to lead school change to improve learning for all students."

Darlene Worth, ESA Director

"(Our learning today will impact students as we)...take risks that ensure student learning is at the center; modeling for teachers models for students."

Frank Calano, Principal
Georgia Middle School

"I see us all becoming a smarter, more fluid learning organization as a result of today's work...a great day looking at vision. I am more convinced than ever that coaching will move the district forward."

Ned Kirsch, Superintendent
Franklin West Supervisory Union