Vital Education Return on Investment Program

Did you know that according to research studies 62% of those surveyed wanted ROI measurement for Development Programs (like coaching) while only 2% are doing that measurement? That's because it has been difficult to assess the business and personal impact of coaching - until now!

We now have a successful evaluation model that can be applied to the coaching and training you receive through the programs we deliver. We are ready to collaborate with your company to co-create this evaluation program to measure the following:

Coachee focused

  • satisfaction
  • learning, skills, knowledge, attitude, values
  • application and implementation in behavior change and leadership

Organization focused

  • business impact
  • ROI - net program benefits calculated against program costs

Once we collaboratively establish criteria, we will conduct an online survey independently, or use your survey capabilities for data collection. The survey can be administered at the start of the program, at the end of the program, and six months after completion of the program. Your HR Director can also receive weekly email participation program reports. At the conclusion of each coaching benchmark, analysis will be reported through both an executive summary and a complete evaluation report, delivered via teleconference to participants (executive summary) and key players in your organization (complete evaluation) at your discretion.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact , Director of Coaching and Training