Our Coaches:

Deb Chisholm Vital Education Coach

Deb Chisholm, M. Ed.

Authentic Education Coach

Deb Chisholm is a life-long professional in education and has worked closely with her teaching colleagues for 35 years. This journey in the field of education has been wonderful, rewarding, challenging and inspiring for her.

Her strengths-based approach to teaching, learning and coaching began with her studies 30 years ago in Adlerian Psychology, Reality Therapy and Cooperative Learning. She facilitated many Teacher Study Groups, and taught graduate courses in Cooperative Learning for the University of Vermont. Her experiential approach to learning created an environment of engaged learning and creative growth for teachers.

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Debby Bergh Vital Education Coach

Debby Bergh

Leadership and Strategy Coach

Since 1995, Debby has been an organizational development coach, specializing in strategic planning, board development, and group facilitation. Through her coaching, she also offers strategic planning for individuals as they seek to align their values with their role in an organization, or potentially to make a career change. Her mission is to increase the capacity of organizations and individuals to define and create their futures.

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Our Adjuncts:

Lea Belair Vital Education Adjunct

Lea Belair, PCC

Coaching Skills, Transformational Change

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